General Information

Collection of items

After full payment has been received, your goods won at auction will be available for collection. If you are unable to collect your goods yourself, we offer various shipping options.

1) Worldwide shipping of small items: We have been working together with the packaging company MBE for several years. Following receipt of the invoice amount, your items will be forwarded to MBE, expertly readied for shipping and sent via UPS or DHL. If the shipping costs have not already been listed on the invoice, an invoice will be drawn up by MBE.

If you have any further questions, please contact MBE.

Mail Boxes Etc. 2741
Herr Marco Sadowski
Im Buck 9
78224 Gottmadingen
+49 – (0)7531 – 28 44 670

2) Shipment of furniture:
We have been working together with several shipping companies for a number of years. Please contact our office. We will gladly assist you in selecting and hiring a professional shipping company.

If the items purchased at auction are not collected within 8 days of the date of invoice, a storage fee of €2/day per item will be charged. Larger items will be moved from storage with a shipping company of our choice at the expense of the successful bidder.

Payment for items won at auction

There are several ways to pay for your items won at auction.

1) Personal presence:

If you are present during the auction, you have the option of paying for the items won with cash or a chip and pin card up to a value of €2,000 and taking them with you immediately.

2) Absent bidders:

These bidders will receive an invoice in the post in the next 2 – 4 days, or, where applicable, by e-mail. You have 7 days following receipt of the invoice to pay by chip and pin card for balances of up to €2,000, or in cash.

Payment by credit card (MasterCard) is only possible with a service charge of 4% of the invoice total.

Bank details

Sparkasse Singen-Radolfzell
IBAN:DE84 6925 0035 0004 0050 96

Important Note:

The newest EU Money Laundering Directive obliges us to ask you for a copy of your identity card from bids exceeding 7.500 €. Otherwise we are not allowed to register you as a bidder.

Please note that payments must be send from the invoiced party.

Online catalogue

On the following pages you will find our online catalogue. Registered users can make use of the associated NOTEPAD and BID FORM functions. In addition, we offer you a digital 3D view of our print catalogue. As it is subdivided into individual categories, you can target your search to your area of interest.


Catalogue shipping:

The catalogue is offered in both printed format and as an online catalogue on our website and contains detailed catalogue descriptions with numerous colour images in addition to general information in German and English. In addition, we work together with the auction portal lot-tissimo to reach the widest possible range of interest groups.

We try to describe the individual items in detail and to the best of our knowledge and belief. Included are details on the state of preservation and the art history classification, as well as general details on the artist. Are you interested in our printed catalogue? You can order it here or contact us by phone on +49 – (0) 7732 – 97 11 97.

– Individual order
colour catalogue (payment in advance): €10

– Annual catalogue subscription:
Germany: €25
EU: €40
Americas / Asia / Africa / Australia: €50

If you would like additional information or a status report about an item in our catalogue, please send us an e-mail with your questions.

Starting prices in the catalogue

The prices indicated in the catalogue are reserve prices / starting prices. “No limit” (NL) items will be auctioned from €10.


All lots will be exhibited for 5 days in advance in the showrooms of the auction house and made available to all interested parties. This viewing facilitates visual examination in person. The current preview times can be found on our website. Our staff will of course be available during the preview. To ensure you don’t miss any dates, we offer you our newsletter service. In just 2 steps, you have the option to register using the newsletter button on our page and to subscribe to the newsletter. We look forward to your visit!

Find all lots of the auction in our current online catalog.

You can bid live on the internet at all auctions.

Stay informed with our newsletter.

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